‘Game of Thrones’ Actress Defends More Than Just Starks

Actress Ellie Kendrick may be known as Bran Stark’s heroic protector, Meera Reed, to Game of Thrones fans, but she’s a different sort of hero off-screen.


Kendrick is currently ambassador for Creative England’s shortFLIX, which aims to amplify underrepresented voices in the English film industry. Young filmmakers who cannot afford to go to film school and do not have the proper industry contacts often get left behind. Shortflix funds five filmmakers and provides them with invaluable contacts.


Ellie Kendrick

Image Via TV Guide


Regarding her experience in the entertainment industry, Kendrick told the BBC:


I’ve worked in the film industry on and off for about half my life and I’ve noticed that the worlds that are represented on our screens by no means mirror the worlds that we see around us in our everyday lives. Part of that is because it’s such a difficult industry to break into and often it requires huge financial support from parents or jobs. Or it requires contacts you’ve made in film school – which again costs a lot of money. So it’s a bit of a closed shop.


Though Shortflix only started in May, the first five filmmakers have already made their short films. Submissions to Shortflix will open again in autumn.


We’re glad some of Meera’s heroism is reflected in Kendrick. Maybe we’ll see more Game of Thrones actors take after their characters. Let’s just hope one of them isn’t Jack Gleeson…


Feature Image Via HBO