Funny-Man Bob Odenkirk Pens Memoir

Who has time to prepare for all the comedian memoirs these days? Can’t we get a second to catch our breath after Amy Schumer’s hilarious The Girl With the Lower Back Tattooreleased this week? Bob Odenkirk says, “No, you may not.” 

The legendary comedian/writer has just signed a deal with Penguin Random House to write a memoir that Odenkirk himself has dubbed a “comic bildungsroman”. Through a series of personal essays, Odenkrik will tell the story of his days writing for every late night show under the sun, and pioneering a medium with David Cross in the cult classic, Mr Show. 

In his own words the book will be: 

A comic ‘bildungsroman,’ if you will – defined by Webster’s Dictionary as ‘a novel about the moral and psychological growth of the main character,’ – except, this will be more memoir and the main character, Bob Odenkirk (actor, writer, comedian, gadabout), doesn’t grow morally or psychologically.


Long time fans will be treated to a deeper portrait of the man, while those who know Odenkirk from his work as Saul Goodman might be surprised by a captivating origin story. 

Featured Image courtesy of Metro.