From Domestic Violence to Sexual Assault Big Little Lies Explores Tough Topics

Gaby and Adam are halfway through “Big Little Lies” by Liane Moriarty and already things are getting crazy. We finally find out that a mysterious property manager named Saxton Banks is Ziggy’s biological father. After Jane breaks up with her boyfriend Zach, she goes to a local bar to have a few drinks by herself. At some point in the night she gets picked up by the charming Banks and follows him to his hotel room. Once they are alone, Banks ignores her request for a condom and begins choking her to satisfy some weird sexual fantasy. Even after she says NO, he persists. 

Celeste is another character that seems to have everything she wants in life. She is rich, beautiful, has perfect children, and a successful husband. However, not everything is how it seems. Her husband beats her frequently, yet she still finds reasons to stay with him. Mostly it is because of her children, she cannot bear to risk losing them at such a young age. 

All this is going on and we haven’t even started talking about the murder! Listen to our podcast to get a more in-depth analysis of what we have read so far, and of course, check back with us next week!


Featured image courtesy of Indie Wire