French Author Yann Moix Claims Women Over 50 Are ‘Invisible’ to Him

Everyone has their own preferences in terms of romantic partners.  If you work out and are a busy bee, you might be looking for someone who can keep up with your active lifestyle. If you’re a big reader, you might want someone who can talk books with you, unless you’re someone who goes for the ‘opposites attract approach.’ Everybody is different, and all of this is pretty fair and understandable for the most part.


But then there’s popular French novelist and television writer Yann Moix, who has a preference toward younger women. About twenty-five years younger to be exact!


While speaking to French magazine Marie Claire, Moix expressed that he is “‘incapable’ of loving a woman over [the age of fifty]”, and that women over this age are “invisible” to him. Yikes.


Photograph of Yann Moix

Image via Kanada Versicherung



The French novelist went on to justify his preferences:


I prefer younger women’s bodies, that’s all. End of. The body of a twenty-five-year-old woman is extraordinary. The body of a woman of fifty is not extraordinary at all.



Since making these comments, Moix has come under fire from online critics, who have branded his comments sexist. Here is a selection of such tweets:



Pictures of beautiful celebrities over the age of 50 have also been posted in retaliation.



Even news stations are joining in on criticizing Yann Moix!



Yann Moix tried to make light of his comments, stating:


I like who I like and I don’t have to answer to the court of taste… 50-year-old women do not see me either! They have something else to do than to get around a neurotic who writes and reads all day long. It’s not easy to be with me.


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, this publicity comes at a bad time and only time will tell if women of any age are going to be sending roses to Yann Moix!



Featured Image via Evening Standard