Former Strand Bookstore Workers Protest Against ‘Union-Busting Tactics’

At 3pm on Monday, there will be a rally led by former Strand Bookstore employees in order to protest certain actions that the store’s owner, Nancy Bass Wyden, has taken recently. The Strand is located in Lower Manhattan and is known for being the last original bookstore on 4th Avenue Book Row. The workers’ union, UAW Local 2179, accuses Wyden of “wasting copious amounts of company resources to keep the union workforce off the payroll.”


Image via The Guardian


Throughout the pandemic, Wyden has bought over $2.5 million in stocks. In addition, Wyden received somewhere between $1-2 million in loans, but this did not prevent her from keeping the store understaffed for months instead of rehiring union workers. For instance, during Christmas week of 2020, she laid off most of the employees that she had previously hired in October. These “union-busting tactics” have led to some of the workers being fired a total of three times in the year 2020.

This news is disheartening to many. As UAW Local 2179 puts it, “The Strand is the institution it is because of the unique and dedicated individuals who work there. When we are harmed, so is the Strand and its future.”

Featured image via secret nyc