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Former Representative Shocks and Surprises with Saucy Poetry Books

Over the years I have learned not to judge a book by its cover, and by book I mean humans. Folks tend to surprise me even when I think I’ve seen enough, but I find the unexpected to be quite charming. So naturally I had to pass on some news from Non Doc and their poetic discovery.



 Image Via Paul Chrisstarlon Wesselhoft

The excellently named Paul Chrisstarlon Wesselhoft was an Oklahoma representative from 2005 to 2016, in addition to being a Vietnam vet, Desert Shield, Desert Storm, and a veteran of the first Persian Gulf War. This man has lived his life, and that includes his soul-baring poetry that he wrote between the ages of fifteen and thirty.


Eros, Penultimate Love

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Eros, Penultimate Love is a 140-page book of poems, some romantic, some erotic. Wesselhoft submitted them all to Non Doc to create something utterly beautiful and vulnerable. His book raised the eyebrows of some of his fellow senators, but as a poetry-lover and writer, I applaud him. You can order Eros on his personal site here, but for now check out some of his works below, this is a surprise you’ll love.


Hands Never Touched

Hands never touched

But they wanted to.

Eyes often met

But they didn’t know how

To linger.

Words were exchanged,

But not brave ones,

Pondered in the heart.

It was the spring of our lives.

We caught crawdads, tadpoles,

Skipped stones on the streams.

We played in the yards,

Laughed, sang,

Did stupid stuff together.

The wind blew our hair,

Cooled our faces

On bicycles we would race.

On the field of play

We were on opposing teams.

It felt strange

To throw her out on first.

One day, we rode rides

At a carnival.

The next day,

Her family moved away.

Her name is Kristen.

We were friends —

More than friends.

Our hands never touched,

But they wanted to.

I Am in You

Though pleasure is only one aim,

First love comes with a little pain.

A mass of life is given, too,

When sacred love explodes in you.

Consummation is without shame

When two of us are but one name.

Two lives, but one life is true.

A part of me is always you.

Into every life comes the rain.

Love forever will be our claim.

Only for a time I am through.

A part of me is left in you.

Troubles come, passions tame,

But we will never be the same.

Today, a work I must pursue.

I leave a part of me in you.

Love Womb

Orgiastic thrills of love

Should make an atheist

An agnostic.

Yet there is no greater sensation

In creation

Than that of a father

Hearing the heartbeat

Of his love’s procreation.


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