Forget Batman, Stephen King Is My New Favorite Comic Hero

What do you do to commemorate a favorite author? Some fans may simply read up on their work. Others may attend every screening of their film adaptations. Some, like Gavin Aung, create witty and creative pieces of art. 


If you’ve been alive for the past year, then you’ve heard news every single week about an upcoming adaptation of one of Stephen King’s stories. King is a legendary author (obviously) whose terrifying, haunting, and downright weird stories have given readers nightmares for decades. Literally decades.


King’s been writing for decades and is known for his outrageous output of books (i.e. he’s written at least 130 books). Think that’s totally bizarre yet amazing? You’re not the only one. Like many other writers, King became a source of inspiration for Aung, who took to his blog to illustrate the author’s impressive career.


Aung began his blog Zenpencils in 2012. It grew out of his appreciation for literature and his desire to showcase his favorite inspiring quotes from famous folks. He doesn’t simply jot down quotes, however. He transforms them into art. His comics vary in length, from single frames to longer narrative comic strips. 


With a background in illustration, Aung’s creations are incredibly creative and entertaining. His illustration below pays tribute to King’s artistic journey, persevering through alcoholism and drug addiction to obtaining success and fulfillment. Using real quotes from King’s memoir, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft, Aung creates a sort of visual biography showing our favorite author in a really cool light. Check it out! 




Feature Image by Gavin Aung