Follow the History of Charlottes Web Through This Charming Infographic

Publisher HarperCollins has released an image that illustrated the whole history of E.B. White’s children’s classic Charlotte’s Web. It’s a wonderful little document that traces the entire history of the iconic novel.

HarperCollins created the image to mark the release of the e-book version of the class. The image was original posted on their official tumblr page. It tracks all the biggest milestones in the history of the great book, from the original writing up to the e-book release. There are a lot of interesting little facts here – did you know that it took 15 years for the book to get a paperback release, or that Time Magazine named Charlotte’s Web the Children’s Book of the Century in 1999?

HarperCollins has also released a promotional video for the e-book release. Check it out below!

It’s heartwarming to know that, even as we change the ways in which we read, some books will remain treasured forever.


Main image credit: HarperCollins’ tumblr

Stephen Lovely, writer