Follow Dickens and Holmes with These Literary Maps has done something awesome. Their software uses Google maps to pinpoint the exact spot an author wrote their book. The site also shows you the location of certain events that take place in the books story. For example, if you type in J.K Rowling‘s name you will see the location where “Harry meets the Weasleys for the first time and boards the Hogwart’s Express.”  

However, not every book has their plot lines mapped out. But, due to increasing popularity, Placing Literature has created extensive maps for Sherlock Homes & Charles Dickens! Fans of these books can now see where exactly in the world all the major plot points occurred. 

Maps already exist for particular authors and locations such as: Mark Twain, Dylan Thomas, and New York City. Actually seeing where books have been written, or where fictional events have taken place, adds a deeper sense of realism to the reading experience. Go to the site now and see what books have been written in your area!


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