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Fleetwood Mac Rocks out With This 50th Anniversary Book!

Ask anybody what they think of when they think Fleetwood Mac, and 95% of the responses will be “Landslide” or “Dreams” or “Go Your Own Way” or that Stevie Nicks is secretly a witch (which, guys, she isn’t). All of these things have two things in common: singer Stevie Nicks and guitarist/singer Lindsey Buckingham. But, on the band’s 50th anniversary, founding drummer Mick Fleetwood recounts the years before Nicks and Buckingham joined the band in 1974. “Love That Burns: A Chronicle of Fleetwood Mac, Volume 1 1967-1974” comes out September 19.


"Love That Burns" cover

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Although fans of the band are familiar with the internal drama involving Buckingham and Nicks, drama within the band precedes them even joining. In the early 70s, the band lost THREE guitar players due to mental illness, drug abuse…and a religious conversion.


And they were hardly unknown in those days, just different. The Mac was one of the most highly-regarded British blues bands in the 60s. Perhaps most famously, they wrote the original version of Santana’s classic “Black Magic Woman.”


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Fleetwood’s upcoming book is a must-have not just for fans of the band, but for music-heads everywhere. But, seriously, we cannot wait for Volume 2 where Nicks reveals the truth…she’s a vampire!




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