Say Cheese! Five of the Best Shelfies on Bookstagram

Looking for inspiration for your bookshelf? We’ve rounded up some of the coolest shelfies we could find on Bookstagram!

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Three colorful bookshelves in front of a pink background.

Most bookworms adore their books and want to make their shelves look their best. Our collections pile up and sometimes we aren’t sure how to arrange them. By color? Genre? Author? Well look no further for ideas. We have gathered a few of our favorite bookshelves here to give you some inspiration for Library Shelfie Day!

Shae Reads (@shae-reads)

This book collection is a unique rainbow assortment! Arranged by color, each one stands out. Since this was posted during the holidays, there are even little matching ornaments assigned to each color. So, when the holidays come back around, you can use this for inspiration and add ornaments to decorate your already beautiful books.

Fabriksen (@fabriksen)

This bookshelf is very colorful and so aesthetically pleasing. Set to a generally white background, the colors really pop this way. This shelf is decorated with plants as well, which is always a lovely addition to any bookshelf, as the hanging greens catch the eye. Overall, we adore this collection!

Megan (@meg_inlove)

This shelfie is massive and full of black solid-color books! It’s double Meg’s height and is amazing to look at. It is so big and overwhelming, it makes you wonder how long it took her to collect this many books. Use her shelf as inspiration and you will definitely need a ladder for this one.

Bridget Howard (@darkfaerietales_)

Also arranged by color, this collection is a pleasing one! There is orange, red, teal, and black which goes well all together. In addition, Bridget went out of her way to create a twisting stack out of her books. This book tower certainly makes for an awesome shelfie!

Shanna (@shannasaurus_rex_reads)

This fantasy bookshelf is another colorful one! The colors of each book and decoration come together and really makes each spine stand out. This shelfie looks like a forest of colors waiting to be explored, especially with the little plant and mushroom decorations. The Wheel Of Time collection always catches the eye on any shelf as well.

Now that you’ve seen some of the most creative book collections for Library Shelfie Day, you can rearrange your own shelf and show it off! Isn’t the end goal of books to create something that will bring us comfort and joy? It may be time consuming, but these shelves prove that it is always worth it in the end to build an aesthetic library that makes you happy.

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