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Five Incredibly Prolific Authors

Writer’s block. That awful state many writers find themselves in when, for whatever reason, they just can’t put pen to paper. It can impede a writer’s progress in molding a new novel or short story or whatever they may be attempting to write. Writer’s block is not a problem for these five authors, however, for they are incredibly prolific and have written hundreds of stories, poems, and plays. Their literary output is so massive, they could be considered the marathon runners of the literary world. Take a look:


5. Stephen king

Starting our list is the Master of Horror himself, Stephen King. I can’t imagine any American household not having at least one of the sixty-three novels and five short story collections King has written and published up to date. Among his classics include It, Carrieand The Shining.


According to his memoir, On Writing, King sets a 2000 word quota every day, often taking up four to six hours. With such a regimen, I’m not surprised that King has earned the title of one of America’s best storytellers.


4. r.l. stine

Surprised to see the author of the infamous Goosebumps series on here? Well, if you’re anything like me, then you devoured these books as a kid. And you probably felt like these books were as numerous as goosebumps on your arm. There seemed to be so many!

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R.L. Stine has written and published over 150 books, including, at one point, writing, on average, a book every two weeks. Now that’s a lot of goosebumps.


3. Isaac Asimov

One of the most celebrated science-fiction authors in history, Isaac Asimov is also one of the most prolific, having written or edited over 500 books and short stories! Among his most popular books are classics such as I, Robot and the Foundation Trilogy.

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In addition to his published works, Asimov also wrote around 90,000 letters and postcards – that’s a lot of writing!


2. ursula bloom

Ursula Bloom was a British romance novelist who wrote and published over 500 books and once held the Guinness World Record for most published female author. She was a prolific reader as well, having read all of Charles Dickens’ work by the age of ten!


Bloom’s work has experienced a lack of recognition in recent years, but if you would like some further reading (and maybe bring Bloom and her achievements back into the limelight) start with her novels Wonder Cruise and Youth at the Gate.


1. Ryoki inoue

Topping off our list is the current Guinness World Record holder for the World’s Most Prolific Writer – Brazilian writer Ryoki Inoue. Since starting his career in 1986, Inoue has published 1090 books under thirty-nine pseudonyms with the number constantly growing! Woah!

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Inoue writes in a variety of styles, from pocket paperbacks to romances to crime novels to Western novels, often writing multiple books at a time and not leaving his typewriter or computer until a work is done. According to Inoue, “the secret of the creative process is in 98% of sweat, 1% of talent and 1% of luck.”

I haven’t been able to find any of his works in translation available, but if you know Portuguese, here’s his “how-to” book on writing as prolifically as he has: O, Caminho das Pedras

Hopefully reading about these authors can give you the inspiration you need to conquer that dreaded writer’s block and write a book or two (or 1,000)!