Five Classic American Novels Paired With Junk Food

In honor of National Junk Food Day, we will be looking back at five classic American Novels and pairing them with five sorts of guilty-pleasure-junk-food-goodness to maximize literary and culinary deliciousness.

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In honor of today being National Junk Food Day, we are going to look at five classic American novels paired with classic American junk foods.

1. The great gatsby– strawberry cheesecake

Via The American Writers Museum and Baked By an Introvert


Starting off our culinary list is F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic saturated in in the decadence of 1920’s New York. With massive parties, fancy mansions, and fast cars, The Great Gatsby is a wonderfully written experience, which makes a decadent and delicious cheesecake an excellent pairing.


2. the scarlet letter– macaroni and cheese


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Nathaniel Hawthorne’s classic novel about a woman who is shamed in her Puritan town in New England during the late 1700’s showcases the religious and spiritual struggles that people face when pitted against societal expectations. It is at times bleak, and at times joyous. Thus, a simple yet fun bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese is just what this novel needs.



3. little women– glazed DONUTS


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Louisa May Alcott’s wildly popular novel Little Women is a captivating account of four sisters, Mary, Jo, Beth, and Amy, as they grow from girlhood into womanhood. With incredibly relatable characters, a writing style that is easy-to-read (but still gorgeous), and a heartwarming story, a glazed donut (or four) would be the perfect compliment to this classic novel.


4. the adventures of Huckleberry finn– coca-cola with peanuts

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This classic novel by Mark Twain was the first major American piece of literature to be written in vernacular English, using dialects and quirks used by real people living in Mississippi where it is set. Tracing the adventures of young boy Huckleberry Finn and Jim, an escaped slave. The novel is unique, inspired, and unapologetically Southern, which makes the refreshingly Southern junk food combo of Coke and Peanuts an excellent combo with this novel.



5. Fahrenheit 451 Smoked Bacon cheeseburger


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Ray Bradbury’s dystopian novel is a testament to the importance of literature in society. The novel follows Guy Montag, a “fireman” whose job it is to burn books at the order of the government, as he struggles to rationalize the destruction of book-burning in the face of oppression.  So, a smoked bacon cheeseburger would be an appropriate meal for this book, with all the talk of heaviness and fire that comes with book-burning.

So, next time you sit down for a bit of junk food (in a healthy amount, of course) maybe think about which of your favorite novels could pair wonderfully with your meal.


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