Five Books Written by New Latinx Writers That Everyone Should Be Reading

In this political climate new Latinx writers are opening up about their life experiences. The struggle Latinx communities face has been on been an ongoing discussion. Whether it pertains to the Hispanic Diaspora or immigration laws, their stories explore numerous topics that reflect the time we are living in. These five authors are shedding new light for readers to have the chance to understand other communal issues through different genres and writing styles.


1. I’m Not your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika L. Sanchez



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In this novel, Sanchez talks about the breaking family ties and becoming your own person without the watchful eye of your family judging every move you make. Julia’s decision to move out at the after high school graduation and go away to college is not something her family takes well as she goes on to pursue her future goals.


2. The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo



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The Poet X is a story about a young teen living in Harlem, who is afraid to use her voice when she needs it most. The protagonist, Xiomara, struggles to express her feelings to her religious and overbearing mother, so in order to learn to speak out, she enters a poetry slam competition. Aceveda, the only daughter of a Dominican family ,writes this book in a poetry book format.  


3. The Education of Margot Sanchez by Lilliam Rivera



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This coming-of-age tale tackles growing up different. Margot’s family have particular cultural expectations of her. Working in her parents struggling grocery store in the South Bronx, Margot needs to make major decisions that will impact her life. The book explores issues of race, gentrification and multicultural identity.



4. All My Heroes are Broke by Ariel Francisco



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This book addresses issues of being a first generation American and dealing with the complexities of meshing different cultures while living in the States. Francisco gives audiences a peek into his family history, growing up in Florida in descriptive long and short poetic pieces.


5. Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Lopez



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This is a series that began in 2016 about a bruja (witch) teen named Alex who hates her powers. However, the day she decides to get rid of her powers, her family vanishes. Alex is then forced to work alongside another bruja, Nova whom she does not trust, to save her family from the Underworld. The second book is set to be released later this year.



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