First Look at Hulus The Handmaids Tale

Dystopic times call for dystopic entertainment. And now that we’ve been thoroughly steeped in Black Mirror, Westworld, and a handful of other thrillers so eerily resonant of these troubling times, we’re vying for the next dose. We’ve grown cynical and shrewd and we’re officially ready for Hulu’s take on The Handmaid’s Tale

All images courtesy of Hulu.

Starring Elizabeth Moss, The Handmaid’s Tale series will closely follow the Margaret Atwood novel of the same name. The narrative follows Ofred, a concubine (although not called so in the book) to the ruling class in the enclosed Republic of Gilead.

Things aren’t looking too good in Gilead. Ofred’s days are punctuated by excessive rules, limited communication, and the visible marks of her dystopic society: hanging bodies, walls, surveillance, etc. It’s meant to be a representation of society at it’s worst, like any dystopia, but Atwood’s take is unique in the regard that no element of the Gilead is a product of imagination. Atwood plucked details from a long history of human oppression, and every terror of the Republic has a real place in history – although at times stretched to hyperbole.

The series comes at a juncture in politics, a shift in power dynamics, and – in the states at least – a lot of questions about the future. In an interview with EW, Moss remarked, “We never wanted the show to be this relevant…This will go down as one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had, but to be able to have a voice in this is an entirely different experience for me. It only makes me want to work harder.”

Have we raved enough about Margaret Atwood or The Handmaid’s Tale yet? Seriously, we love that woman and we love that book. If you haven’t heard our podcast on the novel, it’s not too late to check it out before the Hulu debut in April.


Featured image courtesy of CBA.