First Images from ‘The Girl on the Train’ Adaptation Released

Fans of The Girl on the Train, rejoice – we finally have our first glimpse of what the movie adaptation will look like. New images have been released from the set of the film, and they show star Emily Blunt in character as protagonist and unreliable narrator Rachel.

The film is based, of course, on the wildly popular mystery novel The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. The film will closely follow the plot of the book, but the location has been changed: though the main character remains British, the story will now take place in New York City rather than London.

As in the book, Rachel will voyeuristically follow a couple, making up a back-story for them as she spies on their daily lives. When Rachel witnesses a betrayal and a disappearance, she is determined to become a part of the investigation – though it’s never clear what her motives are, as she remains unstable and unreliable.

The film version of The Girl on the Train will come out on October 7 of next year. Check out the new images from the set below!

Main image courtesy of Barry Wetcher/Dreamworks