First Edition UK ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ Sells Big at Auction

First editions of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone are worth A LOT of money. Since it’s release in 1997, the books have been a major success, and back then only 500 hardback copies of the UK edition were printed and sold, with 300 of those copies being sent to schools and libraries. Now, those 200 rare copies that were sold in stores are worth big bucks.


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One of the copies was almost sold at a car boot sale for only 50 pounds. Then it was sold at Hanson’s Auctioneers, an online auction, for $50,000 (that’s way more than 50 pounds). Another library copy with date stamps sold for $19,000, and another sold for $17,000. These books are literal gold. They may be hard to part with, since they’re a huge part of our lives as Potter fans, but if you ever want to sell your copies make sure you go to the right place.
Charlotte Rumsey, was going to put a copy of the book she found up for a car boot sale, but changed her mind after watching Antiques Roadshow. Then, she checked with Hanson’s auction and now she has $50,000. Rumsey and her mom jumped for joy and are planning to spend it on Rumsey’s wedding and a new home for her mother. What a wonderful way to spend money from a book that has brought so much joy to the world.
It’s amazing how these little fantasy books started out at just $10.99 per copy and now they’re worth the cost of a house and a wedding. That’s so awesome!
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