First Edition of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ Expected to Sell for £20,000

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice is almost always on every list regarding the best books in history. It’s no shock now that the first edition of possibly the most adored and famous work by the author is to be soon auctioned off. Many speculate that the first edition will make a huge profit.




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Pride and Prejudice has continued to be a relevant read through the years. It has had many different adaptations both professional and amateur, notably BBC’s 1995 miniseries, and countless readers include it among their most loved books. Whoever wins the auction no doubt will also be winning an important piece of literary history. The book has so far been valued at £20,000.




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Among the other auctioned materials will be a German enciphering machine from 1941 as well as an extremely rare designed golf ball. All together, these items may make a profit of at least £120,000. 




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