First Anne of Green Gables Trailer is Here

Netflix keeps pushing out more book adaptations. The latest may be the most daunting, however, simply because of the acclaimed cultural status the classic holds: an adaptation of Anne of Green Gables. Previous adaptations of the Lucy Maud Montgomery novel received mixed reviews. There was a movie, a stage production, and even an animated show on PBS!


If the first official trailer is any indication, however, the producers of Anne are looking to take the franchise in an entirely new direction.


The world was much different over a century ago when the original novel came out (1908). It appears the producers are aiming for a more modern approach, while still tackling issues surrounding feminism, bullying, and coming-of-age – all while providing a cinematic scope to the Green Gables universe.


Anne has already aired in Canada, with the miniseries garnering moderately favorable reviews, especially for Amybeth McNulty, who plays Anne Shirley in the series.


The series will premiere internationally on Netflix on May 12, 2017.


Feature image courtesy of the CBC