Finding True Love at Bookstores

Step one, be a book lover. Step two, find a bookstore. Step three, find your soul mate between the shelves of said bookstore, preferably in a nauseatingly cute way like reaching for the same book. Step four, live happily ever after. These may sound like fairy tale romances or one of the sticky saccharine meet-cutes you’d wretch at in a rom-com, but I assure you these are real stories from real flesh and blood people.

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Cathy and Erwyn

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Cathy and Erwyn Rentzenbrink’s ‘how’d you meet?’ story is one of these just-so bookstore incidents. Cathy had been down and out, without a job and recently divorced when she found a job at Waterstones bookstore. Erwyn too had just gotten a job at Waterstones. They were introduced at induction day and began working side by side and exchanging horrifying stories about blind dates and set-ups gone terribly wrong. After becoming close as friends, Cathy invited him along with a number of others to her place for Easter. After some chatting and quite a bit of drinking, someone (all those drinks make memories fuzzy) made a move. But it wasn’t a snag free fairy tale just yet.

Cathy had her concerns about dating a co-worker and both had drinking issues they didn’t want to complicate, but after some time and much discussion the bookish duo fell head over heels, got married and started a family.

Cathy has gone on to publish her own book, and the duo has taken their baby’s first words “Mummy read book” as a good sign they’ll have a future book lover on their hands.


Jessica and Marek

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Jessica Graham and Marek Laskowski met in a different set of circumstances. Marek was a regular in Jesica’s shop, and as she later found out, timed his visits to coincide with her closing up shop, hoping to catch her with the keys in the door and take her out one lucky night. Eventually he did catch her doing just that, and the two went out for a glass of wine at a neighborhood spot. Although they didn’t start dating immediately, they began seeing each other more often, connecting over books and charmed by the eachothers’ passionate interest in reading.

They stayed up late reading to each other, introducing one another to various authors and sub-genres, and even began working together at the shop to enable more time together. The two were eventually married and swept up in the excitement of starting a family, although never neglecting their shop. They’d bring their kids into the bookstore, setting up the crib (genius marketing approach) while the customers cooed and coddled the mini-bookworms in the making. Now, Jessica and Marek’s children, Tom and Lydia, are teenagers and beginning to discover their own favorite authors and books.

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Jon and Jenny

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Our third and final story comes from Jon and Jenny, who had their first date in a local bookshop. After several hours of browsing and hurriedly primping themselves (they had gotten soaked in the rain and looked like wet rats according to Jon) they decided that the book shop was the ideal place for a date and they should do it again – preferably very soon.

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They were both itching to see each other again and began to meet up frequently, connecting over their mutual love for sci-fi and blabbing endlessly about beloved authors like Isaac Asimov and Arthur C Clarke. Jon bought Jenny a book, Jenny bought Jon a book, and eventually Jon and Jenny bought a house together, equipped with a massive attic to house their now combined libraries. Since then, their shelves have continued to overflow with books, and the two spend their time venturing into new bookstores and traveling the world searching for literary gems…

Maybe it’s the chemicals on the book bindings messing with our pheromones or maybe it’s just the excitement of finding someone with a similar book taste, but for these three couples the book store provided the perfect ground for connection. Have any stories of your own? Share them with us in the comments!


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