Finding Notes in Used Books is Actually Amazing

When you order used books off of the internet, you’re always running the risk of either receiving a damaged book or something with writing in it. However, it’s always a treat when you receive something cute or funny. To complete my collection of the Series of Unfortunate Events books, I ordered some used copies off of the internet. I was surprised when I received a couple of them with sticky notes sticking out.

Here’s what the notes said in the copies of The Reptile Room and The Wide Window:

1) “I bet Aunt Josephine is tied up in the Curdled cave”


2) “To prove to Mr. Poe that Stephano is Count Olaf”


3) “How are the kids gonna escape?”


4) “Is Count Olaf gonna [catch…????] the kids before they get to the dock?”

So cute!  



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