Find “Sanctuary” With New Dystopian Novel

New York Times bestselling author Paola Mendoza and award-winning writer and performer Abby Sher bring us Sanctuary, a story set in a near dystopian future, in which Americans are chipped and tracked everywhere they go.

Author Paola Mendoza alongside the cover of “Sanctuary”

The year is 2032, and Vali, and our young protagonist lives a quiet life with her family in a small town in Vermont. When her mother’s counterfeit chip begins to malfunction, their secret of being undocumented is at risk of discovery, and when the Deportation Forces begin to raid their town, Vali and her family are forced to flee.

Risking discovery and bearing the iron fist of a racist and xenophobic government, Vali and her family make their way towards California, a sanctuary state that is being walled off from the rest of the U.S., hoping to seek refuge in the home of Vali’s Tía Luna. When her mother is captured, Vali and her brother have no choice but to run, quite literally, for their lives, before it is too late.

“No human being is illegal” via Pinterest

“The idea for Sanctuary came to me the day after organizing nationwide marches against family separation,” Mendoza states, in relation to her new release:

I allowed myself to imagine the worst possible future for our country. I then asked myself how do we stop this from happening? My answer was clear: young people. I’m thrilled to tell this story of hope and revolution […].


In this soul-stirring tale, available for purchase as of early this month, Mendoza and Sher dare to imagine a future where we can all find sanctuary.

In addition to her recognition as an author, Paola Mendoza has been thoroughly involved in human right activism, her efforts including co-founding and artistically directing the Women’s March. In 2018, she co-authored Together We Rise: Behind the Scenes at the Protest Heard Around the World. Her film credits include the award winning Entre Nos, Free Like the Birds, and Autumn’s Eyes.

Author Paola Mendoza in “Families Belong Together” shirt

Abby Sher has penned at least five notable works, including Miss You Love You Hate You Bye; All the Ways the World Can End; Amen, Amen, Amen: Memoir of a Girl Who Can’t Stop Praying; and Kissing Snowflakes. Her performance-related credits include The Second City, HBO, NPR, and the Upright Citizens Brigade (all for whom she has performed and written). One of her essays was featured in season one of Amazon TV’s Modern Love.

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