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Find out Your Crime Novel Pen Name With This Generator!

Whether it’s J. K. Rowling becoming Robert Galbraith or Martyn Waites becoming Tania Carver, writers commonly change things up if they’re putting out a crime story. Something about the arsenic, chalk outlines, and cigar smoke requires a brusque, stern-sounding name. Often the first and last name has an actual definition that has something to do with inflicting pain or suffering. Tania Carver, for example—are you trying to get carved? I don’t think so.


So take a stab at becoming the next bestselling crime novelist, and start the good old-fashioned way: By coming up with a pen name. We’re here to help! Find your initials and let us know what name to look up at the bookstore.


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Some favorites from the office: Jasper Knight, Winslow-Everett Cage, Jonathan Mortelle, Ajax Burns. Personally, I would gladly read anything written by Jasper Knight.


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