How do your reading habits compare?

Find Out Who Reads the Most with this Global Reading Guide

Since the invention of the printing press, books have captured the imaginations of people for generations throughout the world. Book publishing is a huge industry because there is a high demand from readers.The best-selling book worldwide is Don Quixote, which has sold 500 million copies thus far. While it has been found that India, Thailand, and China are the countries that spend the most hours reading in a week, the countries that appear to be the most literate in terms of having access to libraries, computers, newspapers, and education are Finland, Norway, and Iceland. In the United Kingdom, 80% of Britons had read a book in the last year, out-reading the Germans, the French, and the Italians. The Britons had similar habits to the Japanese in that 79% of Japanese had read a book within the same time period. Meanwhile, in the United States, 27% of Americans had not read a book in the last year, which compares to the Vietnamese, 26% of which do not read books. Interestingly, the United States dominate the global book publishing market. 

E-books are quickly becoming popular worldwide and e-publishing will continue to be increasing as many people ditch paper books for digital readers. 

The intriguing reading habits of populations in the world have been researched by Global English Editing and we will share it with you here.


Global reading habits infographic


Courtesy of Global English Editing.