time traveler feature from merriam webster

Find out What Words Share Your Birthday With Merriam-Webster!

Just as people come and go in the great circle of life, language also leaves and enters existence with dizzying frequency. Recognizing this great truth, the enterprising employees at Merriam-Webster have created a new web feature, “Time Traveler.” The feature allows users to see what words were added to the dictionary the year of their birth or any other time. These were some of the highlights from my birth year:


  • cyberbullying
  • dark energy
  • DVR
  • Flexitarian
  • social networking


I love two of these words. Which two words, you ask? That I will never tell.


dictionary page

Image courtesy of The Economist


For reference, the words added to this past year’s edition of the Merriam-Webster dictionary include “listicle,” “binge-watch,” and “humblebrag.” Good luck, 2017 babies!


Featured image courtesy of PR Newswire.