Fighting for the Throne in ‘Game of Queens’

If you’re like me and gush over the history of Tudor England, I’m sure you’ll love this. Whether it’s a new TV Show that explores and romanticizes the lives of Kings and Queens, or a new book that gives detailed descriptions of their tales, I’m all for it. 

Sarah Gristwood started out as a journalist covering film interviews. She soon turned to history and became a Tudor biographer who also specializes in all things royal. Her new book, Game of Queens: The Women Who Made Sixteenth-Century Europe covers the intricate lives of prominent women in 16th century Europe. 

Gristwood delivers a chronological and cohesive background on these queens that together make a sisterhood. From highlighting more prominent figures like Anne Boleyn, Mary Tudor, Elizabeth I, and Catherine de Medici – to some lesser known figures, Gristwood keeps us turning the pages with a complex history that opens our eyes to women who shaped history. 



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