‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Author, E.L. James is the Victim of Book Fraud

You’d think that E.L. James has dealt with enough already. Her Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has received a lot of flack for the way she portrayed a BDSM relationship, and some have even called her writing ‘lazy.’ Although E.L. James and her franchise have made a ton of money, especially with the blockbuster film releases, should someone else be able to take advantage of her name and likeness? 

Someone out there is doing it and has profited from it.

E.L. James recently reached out to us via Twitter and said there was a book on our site miscredited to her. The book, Three Way: A Trio of Funny & Sexy Stories, was credited to E.L. James — as it turns out, not just on Bookstr, but all over the internet! Originally we thought she was trying to hide a book she was ashamed of writing in her early years, but it’s really not hers.

Image courtesy of CreateSpace 

The book first appeared on CreateSpace, a self-publishing platform. On that platform, the story is dated back to 2005. According to, “while James built her career on TV, she was not active as a writer until 2009” so something doesn’t add up. There is also no evidence of the book appearing anywhere else until 2014.

You can see on Goodreads that there aren’t any reviews pre-dating 2014. The lawyer representing E.L. James said James definitely did not write it when we asked for a comment.

Image courtesy of Goodreads

So, someone wrote the book in a style attributed to James and used her name to sell copies! That, my friends, is what we call fraud. The book has since been removed from our site and actions are underway to remove it across all platforms online by her lawyers.

This entire debacle leaves us with some burning questions we want answered: Who did this? How were they able to get away with making money from it? Also, of all the likenesses to happen to Fifty Shades of Grey, why would someone run with one that has Three Way in the title? The people must know.


Featured image courtesy of Unwritten.