Fifteen Reasons Why I Read Books

This past weekend I was talking to a friend of mine about books, because why not? And I listed a bunch of reasons as to why I love reading books, and he nodded his head and said, “You should write an article about it, but don’t go overboard.”


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And here I am, sharing my reasons for my love of books, and I am going overboard, so screw you, Jake.


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#1. I am a word nerd. I love it when I read, and I recently saw an interesting word from Franz Kafka’s The Complete Stories, specifically, The Hunger Artist, “impresario,” and I looked it up to expand my vocabulary! FYI impresario means someone who finances concerts, plays, or operas. Sounds fabulous right?

#2. My love for poetry, fiction, and all things literature is a bit scary. Faves you ask? Sylvia Plath, Nayyirah Waheed, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Zadie Smith, Margaret Atwood, Harper Lee, Oscar Wilde, Truman Capote, and yeah let us move on…

#3. I am the queen of isolation. Books help reinforce my fortress to not talk with strangers, and not make friends, and not talk to my loved ones, but they understand me, I’d hope, if not, then I would be too busy being stimulated by my current reading, The Handmaid’s Tale. Please don’t judge me. I know I’m late as hell, and I know I should be burning for it because it is so good!


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#4. Escapism. Well, it does sound similar to #3 in some ways. However, not only do I prefer to isolate myself but escape to another world. I can read Game of Thrones and not just picture what’s happening in the plots of the story, but I go as far as to imagine what would it be like to be a part of the Starks or Lannisters by making up my own character… I’m not crazy I swear, it’s just life is too hard (insert crying emoji here).

#5. To kill time. I live in New York, and my commute to work is quite long, so no matter how overcrowded it may be, whether I am sitting or standing, I will make it my mission to pull out my book from my bag and continue reading my story.

#6. Food tastes better when I have a book in one hand and a fork in the other, and of course, I would stain my pages with my spaghetti sauce. Why do I do it then? Well, despite the challenge it’s more time efficient than watching videos in my opinion… and if I start watching videos, I don’t think I can ever stop. I haven’t yet perfected in the art of eating, and reading seems….


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#7. It gives me something to do when I tan at the beach. There’s a downside to this if you’re super into the book and you don’t realize how much time has passed and you forget to switch position, and you end up burned. Unpopular opinion, I like it when after you brush off the sand away from your book you can appreciate the extra dryness of the pages when you turn them, kind of like an extra dry martini (it’s how I like em).

#8. I like reading The Little Prince to my niece. I love when she feels encouraged to learn more because of my influence. She can’t get enough of The Diary of the Wimpy Kid series, and tries to follow in her uncle’s footsteps!

#9. For creative purposes. I enjoy creative writing like poetry, short stories, and whenever I feel inspired by a line or a dialogue, I would put the book down and write something that would hopefully deliver the same impact. “I feel like the word shatter.” Ugh! Handmaids, you need to stop being so great.


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#10. I read so I can collect bookmarks. There is no way I can only collect bookmarks without reading books. I prefer Leatherology; they have beautiful bookmarks. My favorite is the red apple colored kind, and only God knows how many books it went through.

#11. I’m also trying to be more emotionally intelligent. I started reading the Goosebumps series when I was twelve, and they were the first books I ever experienced. However, even though I’ve read a long time, I still haven’t come to a place of confidence to say that I am more skilled at dealing with situations in regards to feelings. I can sure say that I wouldn’t be better if it weren’t for reading.

#12. Reading books is my favorite medium of entertainment; now don’t get me wrong! I do love my Netflix, and HBO more than the next person—but there is something about picking up a book and falling for the descriptions of the characters and the world, and the plot. No other medium can stimulate all your five senses at once, and I think that’s pretty amazing.


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#13. This is going to sound very simple but what I love about reading books is the simple act of holding them in my hands. While I read the words on the page, I get this sensational feeling when I have a paperback, and I read a good portion of a book, I fold the front cover along the pages that come before to the back cover—it becomes magical to me. The fact that a whole world is so present and so solid in your hands is mind-blowing.

#14. I love it when I’m reading; I can smell the vanilla aroma scent around the pages. You don’t have to be a book lover to know what I am talking about! If there is a perfume out there that is dedicated to book scents, please let me know! I will have my coins ready.

#15. The power of mind reading is a superpower I most desire, and thanks to being an avid reader, I can say that I’ve read many great minds. I may not be Professor Charles Xavier, but I’m glad that I get to read thoughts in this fashion. A fashion where I get to know more than the person’s mind, but by their intentions, performance, and realities they create with words on the page.


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I can go on to a hundred reasons but I am not going to do that to you. What are your reasons for reading books?


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