Fictional Characters to Invite to Christmas

Whenever we read a book about a family, or a particular person, whether they be dysfunctional or not, there’s always someone that sticks out. Sometimes they remind us of ourselves, someone we know, someone we want to be, or even someone that we’d never want around. We often fall in love with characters, or they become someone we carry with us forever. Either way, characters in literature are basically the crux of the stories we read. With Christmas right around the corner, we’ve composed a short list of fictional characters we’d want to invite to Christmas.

1) The Wife of Bath – The Canterbury Tales

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Where to begin? This lady doesn’t care what you think, and will tell you like it is. She’s also great at dirty jokes, so of course we want her at Christmas. She’s also incredibly opinionated and is all about not letting anybody stand in her way. 


2) Sherlock Holmes – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

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Honestly, I’d just love to hear all of the shenanigans he’s gotten into and seen. I love a good mystery. 


3) Sula Peace – Sula 

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Sula is strong-willed, so listening to her would be quite interesting. Not only would she arrive dressed in her best, but she’d definitely give us all something to talk about. 


4) Ebenezer Scrooge – A Christmas Carol

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Maybe if Christmas dinner gets a little boring, we’ll bring in Scooge. He can blow a lot of hot air, but overall, he’s great at ghost stories and there’s nothing that brings families together like ghosts.  


5) Molly Weasley – The Harry Potter Series 

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She’ll bring us ugly Christmas sweaters! Besides that, we’re sure she’d tell us all of the gossip going around town. We’d hear what the Weasley kids have screwed up this time and even the latest fascination with Muggle objects that Arthur has. 


6) Tyrion Lannister – Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire Series)  

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He will be excessively drunk. The End. 


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