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Are you a fiction bookworm? Do you love being the first to read new novels by emerging and talented authors?

Then you have to  check out Inkitt. Inkitt is the world’s first data-driven book publisher and a digital library with great new fiction novels from all genres: fantasy, sci fi, romance, mystery, thriller and more. It’s the place where you can discover aspiring fiction writers, read their works for free and support them as they make their first steps.

Inkitt was founded 18 months ago on a mission to democratise publishing by putting the decision in readers’ hands: If readers love it, Inkitt publishes it. How does that happen? Well, at the heart of Inkitt lies it’s super smart algorithm, which analyses reading behaviour to predict future bestsellers. 

In less than 2 years, Inkitt has grown into a community of over 700,000 members. Apart from an online library where fiction lovers can discover great new novels, they also have a strong community which helps new writers kickstart their career. Inkitt holds regular writing contests where winning novels get a publishing deal, they also organise AMAs and writing groups where successful published authors are invited to share their experience and tips and aspiring writers can ask for advice and guidance. 

Inkitt is the hipster’s digital library: a place where you can discover and read for free tomorrow’s best selling novels. And at the same time, you can support new talent by offering your honest feedback and help novels you love get found.


So if you’re looking for great new reads, here is a list with top picks from Inkitt’s readers:


Sci Fi novels

  • The Unadjusteds by Marisa Blagden: 18 year old Silver Melody lives in a world where genetic enhancements are the norm, except she is not enhanced. The elitist society of the Superfreaks is suffocating to live within.  She and her best friend Matt are the unadjusteds and must battle their way past hellhounds, bulks and ogres as well as the corrupt president of the country, if they want to find a better future. Amidst it all, they must confront their true feelings for each other and a third person: the other guy that occupies Silver’s heart.

  • Eric Olafson: Space Pirate by Vanessa Ravencroft: The Year is 5021 and the Milky Way Galaxy is teaming with life and sentient species. Earth is now known as Terra and part of the United Stars of the Galaxies. Eric Olafson, born on a cold world called Nilfeheim and raised under harsh conditions of a very traditional society of Neo Vikings, left his planet to become a Star ship captain. The goal is reached much sooner than expected and Eric is now the commanding officer of a unique Star ship, the USS Tigershark. Together with a very unusual crew, he is sent into Freespace to hunt Pirates and Criminals: to do this, Eric and the Crew of the Tigershark pose as Pirates themselves.

  • Skyreign by Gavin Bellis: With her crew abandoned on a desert planet, Laura Vinfield begins an epic journey, stricken by the tides of a galactic war. With many enemies nipping at the heels of the rugged, intrepid Skyreign crew, the stakes are high. An ancient, sacred vessel; a powerful demigoddess; a demonic adversary; entire worlds caught in the crossfire; a surfacing prophecy. Total chaos breaks loose, and it falls to these few to restore the balance of power in the galaxy; otherwise, it will fall into an abyssal darkness it can never come back from.


Fantasy novels

  • Spectra by Ebony Olson: Sorcerers spend their lives looking for their balance. Someone they can marry, create a family with, someone who can put up with a sorcerer’s bad mood and not die if they lose control. But Bay Ryder can’t afford to be distracted right now. He has joined forces with Alexander Williams, L’Ordre of the Nachtwelt, to destroy Essence, a group of purists who believe de Sangs are the only deserving predators. When Bay seeks out Spectra Michaels, a rare creature famous for her expertise on forging, the last thing he expects is the power she has over him, even with just a touch of her finger. A paranormal romance intended for adults.

  • Piercing Chill by AmourFaith: Mary-Kate had always felt safe and secure living in Amoris. Until Jason scared her on her way from work. This was only the beginning of an emotional rollercoaster on her road of self-discovery.


Action and Adventure novels

  • Remnants of Chaos: Chaotic Omens by Bryan Laesch: The war between humans and demons has raged for nearly a millennium. It is nearly over as only remnants of chaos from the bitter war still last. But one woman’s blood can change everything. Azrael Chaos is a demon slayer for the Order of the Maleiorcum. While on a job, he meets the beautiful Nissa Omen who has the unique power to control minds with her dancing. The forces of Hell are on a mission to kidnap Nissa but Azrael will do everything he needs to protect her. Things get more complicated when Azrael’s rival, Mammon Zebulun, gets involved. Why is Nissa so important? Does Azrael have the faith in God to grant him the strength to protect her?

  • Praveena by Narmadhaa: When Praveena was born, she was a normal girl with an an ordinary mother and father. But as she grows, she learns the realities of life: she learns about people’s ambitions and the lengths they can go to to maintain their dignity. What does she really want in her life and how many mistakes will it take for her to find out? Will she have enough strength to fight for her convictions?


Mystery and Thriller novels

  • The Enchanting Midnight by Aditi Mishra: Why does it happen in life that chapters we think we’ve closed once and for all, seem to suddenly open up again? Why is life pulling us back into those dark alleys? Is this maybe the only way to find answers to questions we have buried deep inside our hearts?  It’s so difficult to know whether it’s time to make a big change in your life: What is it that scares us most, the ghosts of our past or the uncertainties of our future?

  • Abnormal Cataclysm by Ben Douglas: The Great War has now ended. Skylar Cade hunts down a dangerous criminal of a war long gone. But soon he discovers that the man not only is a criminal and a murderer but also a dangerous Abnormal on the run.


And finally, for those of you who prefer Humor and Romance:

  • Kings and Things by wordworrywill: Life’s no picnic in a post-apocalyptic tomorrow, even if you are the elected monarch. Rebels and the common people might cause you trouble, but at least your own people can be totally trusted, right?


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