‘Felix Ever After’ is Coming to Amazon

The best selling novel by Kacen Callender, Felix Ever After, is becoming a TV series. Amazon studios has picked it up for series and FieldTrip productions will produce the series.

The novel was just released this year in May, and has received outstanding reviews. It tells the story of a transgender teen named Felix, who is struggling with his identity.
Things take a turn for the worse when pictures of who he was before he transitioned are posted all over the school, and he begins to receive text messages from an unknown source telling him that he’s nothing.
This sends Felix on a mission to get back at the person who he believes is responsible for all of this and catfishes him, which lands Felix in a love triangle between his nemesis and his best friend.

Amazon.com: Felix Ever After (9780062820259): Callender, Kacen: Books

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As a fan of the novel, I can’t wait for it to begin streaming on Amazon prime. The author of the novel has other books, including some middle grade titles, Hurricane Child and, King and Dragonflies. The other young adult novel are called This is Kind of an Epic Love Story and even an adult novel, titled Queen of the Conquered. Those books are just as awesome, and if you haven’t read those yet, you should. One of his other novels are sure to get a series or a movie due to the success of Felix Ever After.
You can get your copy of Felix Ever After, here.
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