Feast Your Eyes On Vogue’s Newest Book of Food

Now is the time of year when eating feels a non-stop Olympic event. From traditional dishes to first times at trying new plates, now is the time to have a little fun in the kitchen and get, dare I say, artsy.


'Food in Vogue'

Image Via Amazon


Of course, leave it to Vogue to help us enjoy food in a fashionable way. As one of the biggest magazine publications in the world, the masters at Vogue have recently released a brand new book, Food in Vogue, containing notable images and writing on food from their pages over the years.


'Food in Vogue'

Image Via Vogue


Renowned photographers like Irving Penn and Tim Walker are shown in a way that is more stylized than mouthwatering, but the photos are beautiful and inspiring nonetheless. Jeffrey Steingarten is a long-time food columnist for Vogue who also graced the book’s pages. He also graces the judge’s table on the popular show Iron Chef America. 



With the artists and writers shared experiences of travelling, tasting, and knowledge of something so universal, how could we not be tempted to gift it away to someone we love this season? 


Image Via The Jakarta Post