‘FATE: The Winx Saga’ Confirmed for Season 2

It has just been announced by Netflix that ‘FATE’ is getting a season 2 on the streaming platform.

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It has just been announced by Netflix that ‘FATE’ is getting a season 2 on the streaming platform. It will be six episodes like the first season and will begin production later this year in Ireland. And that’s all we know at this point.

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But since we are talking about a season two, let’s discuss what I want going forward. I have many many many thoughts on the first season and the show as a whole, but I will admit that it intrigued me to continue.

So, here is my wishlist for ‘FATE: The Winx Saga’ Season 2.



#1. Give Aisha…Anything really!

As I expressed in my previous article discussing season 1, Aisha wasn’t given anything to do, except for babysitting Bloom. She was the one actively trying to be friends, she covered for her on multiple occasions as well as saved her twice with not even a thank you. Bloom doesn’t see her as a friend, but as someone who she could use for her benefit. Bloom needed to know what was going on with Farah and her office; boom, Aisha is now her assistant to spy. Bloom isn’t even worried that Aisha could get caught and possibly expelled.

But then they made Aisha a snitch when she told the headmistress what they were up to, trying to free Rosalind, which indeed turned out to be a bad idea.  And of course, the girls were mad at her about it but in reality, she is the most level-headed one and made the right decision.

While Musa, Stella, and Terra enabled Bloom’s terrible choice, Aisha said “umm maybe not.”

I want a back story for her, I want her own struggles and conflicts that don’t involve Bloom. We get her kind of struggling with her powers but it gets pushed aside for Bloom and her antics.

Aisha needs more, PERIOD.




 #2. Writers, Use Your Time Wisely

We have six episodes again and my critique from the first season is that I felt the pacing of the show suffered due to its lack of a full season like if they had 10 episodes or 13. It was rushed in some places then moved at a snail’s pace in others. And when you have such a big, fantastical story like Winx Club with magic, multiple characters, and a world you are trying to build, it needs to be done with tact and precision. Otherwise, you’d have people like me who can poke holes in it and effectively tear it down.

Even the episode lengths aren’t consistent. The first and last episodes are 53 minutes while the ones in between bounce between 48 to 51 to 47 to 50; it’s a mess. Someone in the editing room either cut too much from an episode or not enough from another.

Consistency and time management are key when you only have 6 episodes.




#3. Expansion of The Other World

For the first season, all we really see is Alfea, the surrounding grounds,  Bloom’s house and secret hideout. That’s it. And I get that it’s supposed to be focused on the school because that’s where they are learning and growing and blah, blah, blah. But the original show and comics explored other magical realms that really added to the world. I’d really love it if we got to see where the other girls are from. It will give us more insight into who they are.

Also, there wasn’t enough time to sit in awe of the magical world. Bloom doesn’t look interested or shocked in any way when she literally is going to a magical school. I get that people may find that trope annoying but Bloom is our anchor through this new world and if she’s not excited why should we be?

It would have so cute for Bloom to explore the grounds properly or have Stella actually show her around instead of just inside the castle, and we barely get a good look at that either. Also, we barely even know the real structure of the Other World.

Is Solaria the ruling body of everyone else? Are there no other kingdoms, duke, duchesses, or dignitaries of any kind? Why can anyone magical just go through Alfea’s barrier when there was a threat? Did no one care about these kids? How does this world work?!





#4. More Teachers Please

A pet peeve of mine with the show was the lack of teachers in the school. When we first see the school, there a lot of kids moving in or returning the new year. We only see, count them, three teachers. Farah, who is the headmistress, Silva who teaches the specialists, and Ben (Terra and Sam’s dad), who teaches magical botany. We never see any other teachers and you would think that once the burned ones become a problem and the big battle occurs at the end we would have more teachers to help fight alongside their students but no; it makes the school seem so empty.

In the original show, we had more teachers to help balance out the cast. We had Professor Wizgiz, a leprechaun who teaches metamorphosis magic, Professor Palladium who teaches potions, and Griselda, who was Faragonda’s second in command, who was great at teaching the magical defense spells. There’s also Professor Avalon who is a Paladin and who teaches magical philosophy. Later, even Bloom’s older sister becomes a magical history teacher.

My point is, these characters brought so much life to the school and lead to great opportunities where actually see the girls learn new spells and techniques. Now that the school is under an evil regime ran by Rosalind, Sky’s dad, and the Queen of Solaria maybe Rosalind can use her mind powers on them and force them to work at Alfea. And once her spell is broken on them they could stay permanently if they wanted to. Just an idea.





#5. Let’s Stop Being Mean to Terra Please and Thank You

Terra, in my opinion, is the best character on the show and definitely the best Winx Club member. Flora is still my heart and soul but Terra was a joy to watch. Yet, for some reason, everyone was mean to her. Stella because Stella was b*tch, petty and rude. Riven made fun of her because he’s literally the worst but I think Musa’s bullying was worse somehow. Musa and Terra are roommates, and due to Musa’s empath powers, she shuts Terra out because she feels too much. Terra is literally being herself and trying to be at least friendly to her roommate but Musa gives her the cold shoulder. You feel bad for Terra because this bullying is unwarranted and clearly fat-phobic and it has overstayed its welcome.





#6. Make it Make Sense Rosalind

Lastly, I just want to understand what Rosalind’s ultimate goal was and how she managed to pull it off. I need a timeline so I can understand exactly what went down with Rosalind and the others because I still don’t get it. What was the time frame between Rosalind putting Bloom on earth, to her also saving Beatrix then finding out that Sky’s dad “died” to have him raise Beatrix to her getting captured and put underneath the school?

Because a big plot point that’s missing is how did they capture her and when. If she was so powerful, how’d she let herself get captured by people she supposedly trained? And if she went to earth to put Bloom there why not hide out on Earth? Apparently, there aren’t a lot of fairies there so it would be easier to hide in a non-magical realm. Why risk coming back to Alfea where your proteges are plotting against you?

Maybe, I’m missing something if I am, let me know. I’m genuinely baffled.





That’s my wishlist for what I want in the next season of ‘FATE’, what about you guys? Does this news intrigue or spook you? Let us know!



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