Fantastic Beasts Set Photos Travel Back to the 20’s

Filming of J.K. Rowling‘s Harry Potter spinoff Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is well underway, and the adaptation looks to be taking on a life of its own. Photos from the St. George’s Hall set in Liverpool have just been unveiled, showcasing 1920’s period costumes and props. Take a look at how the muggle setting has been injected with the magic we all know and love.

Though the film takes place in New York, the crew chose to shoot all of the action in the UK—on location in Liverpool, and at WB’s studio in Hertfordshire. Liverpool’s historic St. George’s Hall is now a wizard’s den. The steps of the hall were decorated with fake snow, to help give it an ethereal feel. If there was any doubt of this transformation, a massive American flag was seen draped inside of the building.

In keeping with the period, cast members are clad in trench coats, fedoras, and top hats. A load of authentic 1920’s cars have been shipped in, all bearing New York license plates from the time. In one scene, a group of citizens appear to be entering the hall, and in another it appears that a group of press are outside watching someone make a speech (though the person is obscured by the cameras.)

There’s even video footage of the set in action, courtesy of Twitter user Zak Bamford:

We’ll have to keep theorizing what these new details mean, as there’s still over a year until the film releases. What do you speculate, Potter universe fans?

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