Fans want to See Harry Potter as an Auror

With rumors circulating of a new Harry Potter film, fans are practically begging for a film featuring Harry and his friends in their twenties. You have to admit, that would be cool. Specifically, fans would like to see the golden trio in training to be Aurors. Harry and Ron were pretty adamant about becoming one. Hermonie on the hand was was more interested in minstry work, since in the Cursed Child she is (Spoiler Alert) Minister of Magic. It would be cool to see how that came to be.

Image via Altpress
Last year there was a lot of controversy surrounding series creator, JK Rowling, when she posted on Twitter her negative views about the transgender community. Then, Johnny Depp was fired from the Fantastic Beasts franchise for alleged abuse towards his ex wife. It’s bad enough the Fantastic Beasts franchise is full of plot holes and isn’t doing as well as it should. I mean, it’s part of the Wizarding world, it should be out of this world amazing, but it’s just out of this world confusing. Fans are practically begging for this movie to save the Potter film world.
It’s been almost ten years since the last Harry Potter graced the world, when Harry finally defeated Voldermort, and it’s about time for a new one. We do have the amazing Harry Potter and the Cursed Child broadway production that makes up for Fantastic Beasts. It’s just not a movie, even a film version of Cursed Child with the original cast would be awesome. Just something with the original cast and a good script that makes sense.
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