Fans React to the ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Season 3 Super Bowl Trailer

The Super Bowl advertisement for season 3 of The Handmaid’s Tale left emotions running high when it aired during the sports event of the year, yesterday.



Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel, now hit Hulu series, explores a nightmarish future in which misogyny has taken hold, and women are enslaved. The commercial emulates the 1984 President Reagan’s re-election ad, known as ‘Morning in America,’ which begins hopeful, before taking a turn for the worse as Elizabeth Moss’s voice is heard saying ‘Wake up, America, morning’s over.’


The trailer’s narrator continues talking as we see flashes of peace and violence, and then the handmaids in their iconic uniforms in formation as they stood in front of the Washington Monument, which has been remodeled as a cross:


“Today, more women will go to work than ever before in our country’s history. This year, dozens of children will be born to happy and healthy families.”


The show is based on a totalitarian theocracy called the Republic of Gilead, in which women’s rights are disregarded and they are forced to reproduce. Hulu released a statement to The Wall Street Journal noting that the commercial reflects the relationship between people and power “which happens to reflect conversations taking place in today’s environment.”


Warren Littlefield, executive producer of The Handmaid’s Tale told USA Today that the theme of the third season is “Blessed be the fight.”


Margaret Atwood announced last year she was writing a sequel to the novel, The Testaments, which was met with endless enthusiasm from fans on Twitter.



The commercial left fans excited for the new season. Judging from the release date of previous seasons, it is estimated that the new season will hit screens this season.


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