Fans React to New Gender-Swapped Twilight Book on Twitter

Twilight fans got a surprise gift for the tenth anniversary of the franchise: a new gender-bending version of the original novel from author Stephenie Meyer. So how did fans react? Well, in just about every way you can imagine. Some fans were less than thrilled about the new novel:

Most fans, though, seemed very excited about the idea.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a full decade since the first book in the Twilight series came out. The anniversary release had a lot of fans feeling pretty nostalgic about the whole thing.

But excuse us, we’ve buried the lede: the most important news about this is that The Rock (aka Dwayne Johnson) is apparently in the book.

Has someone reached The Rock for comment yet? Oh, good.

If they make a movie based on this version and The Rock doesn’t get cast, we’re going to be very upset.


Stephen L., Staff Writer