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Fans of “Wonder Woman” Rejoice: Gal Gadot Will Be Reprising Her Role In 2019

Though it’s only been two months since the release of “Wonder Woman,” Warner Bros. is already looking ahead. “Wonder Woman 2”, the sequel to this summer’s blockbuster will reach the big screen on December 13, 2019.


Leading actress Gal Gadot, who won the hearts of millions of viewers through her portrayal as the indestructible female superhero persevering through strife to save the world, is slated to reprise her role as Diana Prince.


gal gadot as wonder woman

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“Wonder Woman” has not only brought diversity to the screen by spotlighting female superhero’s, but has also brought the big bucks. The film grossed $100 million in its opening weekend, and a staggering $390 million in total.


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Though it is unclear whether director Patty Jenkins will return as of yet, “Wonder Woman 2” is likely to see packed theaters upon its release.


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