Fans Fear a White-Washed Mulan’ Remake

Mulan is definitely one of my favorite Disney movies. Honestly, it has some of the best songs Disney ever created. I’ll Make A Man Out of You? Reflection? Eddie Murphy as a dragon? You can fight me on this, but I swear, Mulan is in the top ten best Disney movies of all time. 

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Mulan is a strong, female lead that doesn’t need to marry a Prince to survive. She’s not some lowly girl who’s helpless and needs magic fairies, or the help of a man. She’s someone who takes matter into her own hands to defend the honor of her family, and SAVE CHINA. All by herself. 

Mulan is based off of an ancient Chinese poem from the 5th or 6th century called, The Ballad of Mulan. You can read it here

Disney is in the works of remaking the 1998 classic into a live-action film. I’m excited for this one. Tarzan let me down, badly, but Mulan might actually work. The fight scenes with the Huns will make a great action movie, and seeing Mulan’s story come to life will be exciting. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has a winter 2018 release date for the film. 

Image courtesy of Giphy

But hold up now. Mulan is Chinese. No white person should really be in the actual movie. The Hollywood Reporter says, “The studio is launching a global casting search for a Chinese actress to play the legendary female heroine.” You better! A petition has been started to prevent the studio from white-washing the entire cast. We have seen many movies made where people of color were actually played by white actors. *Cough* Christian Bale as Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings. You can see a list of them here

Let’s hope the studio, writers, and filmmakers stay true to this movie!



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