Hellboy Trailer

Fans Are Split Over The New ‘Hellboy’ Trailer

Mike Mignola’s comic book series Hellboy, about a demon defending the world from paranormal threats is being adapted once again!

The first trailer was released just yesterday and fans are already having mixed feelings about the reboot.



Comicbook.com shared a number of reactions and they’re not exactly glowing.


The film has an all-star cast, decent effects, and plenty of blood and gore, but there’s no Guillermo del Toro.


Director del Toro’s original two Hellboy movies were filled with his signature world-building and beautifully realized characters. Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army have even become cult hits that truly stand out from the waves of recent comic book movies. The new adaptation could have a difficult time distinguishing itself from del Toro’s films.




Image via Dread Central



However, Screenrant also reported that creator Mike Mignola is more involved with the newer production than he ever was in the del Toro’s so we might be pleasantly surprised.


Lionsgate’s Hellboy stars David Harbour as the titular hero along with Ian McShane, Sasha Lane, Daniel Dae Kim, Thomas Haden Church, and Milla Jovovich. Neil Marshall is directing with a screenplay written by Andrew Cosby.


The new adaptation will arrive on April 12, 2019.





Featured Image via Screenrant