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Fans are Going Crazy Over the Royal Baby’s Harry Potter Connection

Last Monday marked the much awaited birth of Prince William and Kate’s third child, and unsurprisingly, people were eager to know the royal baby’s name. On Friday, it was finally revealed that the couple has named their son Louis Arthur Charles. Barely an hour later, Potter fans started going wild over the purported connection between the royal baby name and the Weasley family.



The tweet, which came from the official Twitter account for Pottermore, is an obvious play off the line Harry says to his son Albus in the epilogue of the final Harry Potter book and alludes to the fact that each of the three names belong to three different members of the Weasley family.


Fans can easily pick out Arthur and Charles as names of Weasley family members since Arthur is the name of the much-loved father of the Weasleys and Charles, or Charlie for short, is the name of the second eldest brother in the family. However, only true fans will be able to identify Loius as the name of Bill and Fleur Weasley’s son who is not even born until after the events in the final book occur. The only reason we know this is because of the family tree that J.K. Rowling created after the book’s publication.


Further adding to the irony is the fact that Bill Weasley’s full first name is William, which means that Prince William is following in Bill’s footsteps in a way by naming his son Louis. 


Louis Arthur Charles

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Although William and Kate are Harry Potter fans, they obviously did not name their child after Harry Potter characters. Still, other fans have gone crazy over the tweet, which has been retweeted over five thousand times and liked over fifteen thousand times. We’re sure that with a name like Louis Arthur Charles, the young prince is destined for greatness.


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