Famed Bookstore Provides Shelter During Paris Attacks

We know you may have heard this story before, but we still feel like it’s an important one to share. During the terrorist attacks that took place across Paris last week, people shopping in famed bookstore Shakespeare & Co. were able to find shelter among the books. 

Writer-in-residence at the bookstore, Harriet Alida Lye, told The Guardian about her experience:

We are safe in a bookshop, with the windows blacked out. There are about 20 customers with us who’ve been sat here for hours calling home. I haven’t seen anything but police cars go by, and people stumbling out of bars in central Paris who clearly have no idea what is going on (…) We’re saying it feels like this must be part of something bigger, like we are being senselessly attacked (…) The lights of Notre Dame have been turned off, which never happens at this time of night.

Amidst such tragedy, it’s incredible to see great acts of kindness. All of the victims and families of the attacks are in our thoughts. 

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