‘Fake Book Cover Guy’ is Back and Better than Ever

When the city begins to swelter, inevitably filling the subway with bodies and ambiguous odors, the New York commute becomes increasingly unbearable. Once the summer heat hits, you can count on sweating through your shirt, pants and shoes long before you’re even two stops deep, and the prospect of making it to work not dripping in sweat is slim to none. Luckily, there is refuge and ‘Fake Book Cover Guy’ Scott Rogowsky is our savior.

If you’ve ever commuted in the city, maybe you’ve had the blessing of seeing this amazing human being. In April, you could have spotted him reading Ass Eating Made Simple, or How to Hold a Fart In, another imaginary classic of our time. But just in case you missed him, he’s back for part two of his fake book endeavour, and here to make train delays and the sweat on your arm that definitely isn’t your own a little more tolerable.


The titles are even better than those in the original video, including new contemporary reads like Tinder for Your Toddler, The Joy of Cooking Meth, and How to Fake Your Own Death, a novel by Prince. If you can’t see him in person, subscribe to his YouTube channel, the Running Late Show, for more videos to brighten your commute. 


Featured image courtesy of Bored Panda.