Exmoor’s Secret Poetry Boxes

For the past few summers, hidden poetry boxes have been left across Exmoor National Park in England. These boxes allowed visitors to write a poem, or draw a picture and leave it at the park.

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Poet, Chris Jelley, and the Lynmouth Pavilion Project, which hosts events for the park, teamed up to bring these poetry boxes to life. According to The Guardian, the boxes say, “Draw, read or write inside,/ And leave for the next to scribe and confide.”

Over 6,000 poems have been left. Jelley said,

“We weren’t expecting that amount of response from strangers. But whenever I’d go to check the tins, I’d find people reading the poems in them, too, not just writing … We have a perception that everyone has got to have a gadget in their hand, but we are a nation of book lovers; we love the simplicity of a book and a pencil, and when we are totally unobserved, we are happy to write something.”

Jelley is going through the poems, which will be made into a book in October by Fly Catcher Press.



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