Exciting New Dystopia Novel ‘Internment’ to Be Adapted for the Big Screen

The trickiest thing for writers is covering controversial topics, especially when they are political! But that doesn’t scare them away. With the right amount of research and understanding, a good book can be what’s needed in dark times. One author taking on the challenge is Samira Ahmed with her upcoming YA novel, Internment.


Internment Book Cover

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This near-future, dystopian book covers the controversy of race relations with the Muslim-American community and terrorism in the United States. A very heated topic today. The Hollywood Reporter describes the book as imagining “a United States in which American Muslims are interned.” It follows teenager Layla Amin who is forced into internment camps with her parents, and has to cope with losing her rights as a citizen and being separated from the people she loves who are not Muslim, like her Jewish boyfriend, David. 


In an online review from the site, the plot is further described, and without spoilers!


The camp is led by a power- hungry director who delivers harsh punishment to those he believes transgress against his rules while attempting to get those in the camp to believe his rhetoric. While the adults remain silent during the mistreatment, the youth, led by Layla, decide to stand against the ill treatment received by those who have been interned. With outside support from her boyfriend, David, and a camp insider Layla and her supporters make a final stand against the legality of the internment and the director’s tyrannical rule.


So the story seems to be more focused on this story of a rebellion that tells an even greater story in the real world. With the success of other dystopian novel like The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner, Ahmed definitely has a large audience! And now, Internment is coming to screens! The Gotham Group and Chariot Entertainment have teamed to option it, and though a movie is probably, a limited series is also on the cards.


Cover of the novel, showing the title in white text on a black and grey background, above a depiction of a gold pin featuring a bird in flight, its wings spread and an arrow clasped in its beak.                The Maze Runner cover.png

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I believe that the topic of the novel alone will bring readers in, and definitely will appeal to viewers, but having a woman of Middle Eastern heritage lead a revolution is also very exciting! That’s a perspective we seldom hear from. This is definitely going to be a big seller when it comes out in March of next year! I have high hopes that Internment will bring adventure and inspiration to those who read and watch it. At the very least, it will certainly keep the political conversation going.



Featured Image Via Little, Brown And Company