Elon Musk and Steve Jobs

Ever Wondered What It’s Like Working for Steve Jobs or Elon Musk? This Book Is for You!

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to work for high powered tech geniuses such as Steve Jobs or Elon Musk? If so, Sophia of Silicon Valley might just be the book for you.


Sophia of Silicon Valley

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Sophia of Silicon Valley follows Sophia from her termination from an investment bank, to rising through a top Silicon Valley law firm, eventually becoming an investor relations guru. Sophia works for an eccentric CEO who wears black t-shirts and jeans (subtle), then later, a younger genius who dreams of building electronic cars and rocket ships.


Sound familiar?


Anna Yen, the author, worked in Silicon Valley for nearly twenty-five years and says the novel is taken from her experiences and the lessons she’s learned. Yen worked under Steve Jobs at Pixar and Elon Musk at Tesla. Essentially a memoir, the novel is told through the eyes of fictional Sophia Young, a recent college graduate working her way through the tech scene in the mid nineties.


“Sophia is a toned-down version of me — I have a much worse mouth,” said Yen to Business Insider. “But she is me. That part is very autobiographical.” Despite being a work of fiction, the people and companies portrayed are based in reality. Yen is adamant that the book is not a tell-all, at least not in the typical sense. There’s no salacious gossip, Sophia of Silicon Valley is the account of a woman navigating the tech industry in its heyday, working with some of the most influential people in technology. The book is meant to entertain, not to dredge up any billionaire’s behavior from decades ago.


“I wrote the book based on the major lessons I learned that I always used day-to-day,” Yen said. “I wanted it to be fun and yet something that young women might be inspired by — and that’s all I wanted it to be. I wasn’t trying for more.”


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