‘Epic’, the Streaming Service for Children’s Books

Netflix is easily the most popular streaming venue for fans of television and film. Creative minds are following the template to create a similar app for book lovers around the world.

“Epic!” is a book streaming app for kids aged 12 and under. The program grants access to over 20,000 books at the click of a button. The service costs $4.99 per month, but there are no in-app purchases or ads and the first month is free for those who just want to give it a shot.

Elementary school teachers and librarians can sign up for and implement the app for free, furthering the incentive for educators to have kids learn to love reading.

Some of the most classic children’s book titles are available through the app, including Goosebumps and Corduroy. Additionally, there are options for audiobooks and an internal rewards program to keep children invested in their books.

There have been other apps with similar premises that have not succeeded to fill the void of a subscription-based book service. The app is also entirely electronic, meaning children are experiencing the thrill of reading, but not experiencing the excitement of turning a physical page.

Unlimited access to children’s books? That could be “Epic!”


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