English Town Attempts Record-Breaking Book Line

You can competitively construct a giant line of almost anything and be praised by the record books: pizzas, cake pops, backpacks – but few provide for a substantial cause beyond boasting rights. Over the weekend in Wimborne however, locals attempted to break the record for longest line of books.There will be bragging rights for the nontraditional victory (if they beat the record that is) but the primary motive is more humble: an initiative to bolster reading and community revenue.

Image courtesy of BBC

From the mass of over 16,000 books donated for the attempt, over 300 will be given to the Dorset Library and Museum. A handful of antique rare titles will be gifted to the Priest’s House Museum, and the remainder will be sold to raise funds for community groups as a part of the ‘Challenge Wimborne’ initiative.

Image courtesy of BBC.

Don’t light the celebratory cigars yet. The numbers are still being checked by Guinness, but if Wimborne hopes to break the record, the target  count gleams just over 15,000 books or 3km of books snaking around the city. Whether the attempt brings the town a faint beacon of stardom or not, the initiative is a novel way to help out the community and clean out that bookshelf that’s been grumbling for refurbishment.

Best of luck Wimborne!



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