Emma Watsons Feminist Book Club to Read Caitlin Morans How to Be a Woman

Emma Watson’s feminist book club is still going strong! The group has just announced its next book. They’ll be reading How to Be a Woman, a feminist memoir by Caitlin Moran.

Moran’s book fuses autobiography with political thought, discussing Moran’s upbringing, her battles with sexism, and her feminist philosophy. In addition to her novel, Moran recently wrote a piece on feminism for Esquire. Watson was a guest editor in the same issue.


Watson announced the pick online through the Our Shared Shelf page. The actress and activist admitted that she had alread read Moran’s book: “I read it on a plane from London to New York,” Watson wrote, “and I laughed out loud and cried so much I think the whole of my cabin, airline staff included, thought I was losing my mind.” But Watson doesn’t mind re-reading it for the book club. “It deserves to be read more than once,” she explains.

How to Be a Woman isn’t the first memoir that the group has read. Watson kicked things off with My Life on the Road, a memoir by famous feminist Gloria Steinem. The club reads one book per month (starting in January of this year), and has also read The Color Purple by Alice Walker and All About Love: New Visions by bell hooks.


Featured image courtesy of Getty Images.