Emily Dickinson Comes to Life in ‘A Quiet Passion’ Trailer

“This is my letter to the world that never wrote to me…”

That is how we are introduced to A Quiet Passion, a new film that chronicles the turbulent, creative and personal life of Emily Dickinson, one of America’s finest poets and most successful recluses. 

A Quiet Passion features Cynthia Nixon (yeah, Miranda from Sex and the City) in the leading role, anchoring a mood-heavy film that places an emphasis on Dickinson’s ambivalence towards society from her young-adult years onward. You, like us, probably thought that a hermitic poet wouldn’t be a visually astonishing subject, but writer/director Terence Davies (of Distant Voices, Still Lives fame for you film buffs) handles the writer’s stasis with grace – despite the trailer’s aggressively thumping score. What’s also special about this film is that despite the beauty encased in the poetry, Nixon’s Dickinson is not made out to be an out-of-period beauty or ‘sexed up’ to boost appeal. Check it out for yourself:

Like the many stirring, Oscar-jockeying biopics before it, A Quiet Passion is beginning its journey on the festival circuit, which started in Berlin and will be screened at the TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) in the fall. From there, it will court the favors of big-league distributors in the U.S., so it may see its day stateside if we’re in good fortune. If you’re a Briton, though, you don’t have to bank on luck; A Quiet Passion appears in U.K. theaters starting November 18th.

Featured image courtesy of TIFF.